4. Freedom is good.

Hackers are naturally anti-authoritarian. Anyone can give you directions given way to authoritarian minds work, you â € "while being attracted by the solution of the problem, and from whatever you're looking, in general, I find some appallingly stupid reason. So where it to find it for you and other hackers have an official stance on the smother lest, should be fought .
(This is not the same for all the action. Children must be guided and criminals restrained. A Hacker, he wants to do something more than time spent in the following commands to get certain types of authority may agree to accept. But that's a limited, conscious bargain; required to provide the kind of personal surrender authoritarians not).

Authoritarians on the growth of censorship and privacy. And they distrust voluntary cooperation and information - sharing â € "€ ~ cooperationâ € ™ as they can control that. So behave like a Hacker, you can not censorship, privacy, and the use of force or fraud to compel responsible adults and to develop an instinctive hostility be. and you should be willing to act on that belief.

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