1. Learn how to program.

This, of course, is the fundamental hacking skill. If you do not know any computer languages, I recommend starting with Python. It is well documented, cleanly designed, and the well type. Despite a good first language, it is just a toy, but it is a very powerful and is ideal for very large projects, it was sufficient. Python, I wrote a more detailed evaluation. Good tutorials are available at the Python web site.

At the beginning of a good language to learn, I recommend the use of Java, but this was on my mind (as a Java programming for the search of a first € œThe association Languageâ €?? It inside) has been changed. Hacker, they specify that it is a devastatingly, it is not â € œapproach problem - solving a plumber in a hardware, such as storeâ €;? Parts of the fact that you know what. Now I am This is probably the first, then C and Lisp, Java can be the best I think.There is probably a more general point. If a language is not for you, it's for the same product for a good learning tool and may be a bad one. This problem is not the only languages; RubyOnRails, CakePHP web application frameworks, such as, Django is very easy when you have a hard problem to overcome without the resources to leave the competition, you can reach an understanding Sort trivial, or just a simple debug a solution.

If you are into serious programming, you have C, Unix is ​​the core of the language. C + + is very closely associated with c; you know one, the other is not difficult to learn. But the language, but a good one to try learning as your first. And, in fact, the more you are programming in C the more productive you can be prevented.

C is very effective, and most of your system's resource sparing. Unfortunately, C If you hand a low level of management resources (such as memory) is required to not have that ability. All the low-level code is complex and bug - prone, and debugging a large amount of your time is up Soak. They are the most powerful of today's machines, this is usually a bad tradeoff â € "it's time to use the system less efficient to use a language intelligible, but your time more efficiently. Thus, Python.

Of particular importance to hackers and other languages, including Perl, and LISP. Learning Perl is a very wide range of value for practical reasons, even if you never write Perl you should learn to read it, so, for the use of active web pages and system administration. I have a lot of people you have Python, C of the machine should be able to do jobs that can be used on the C programming to avoid the use of Perl. You will be able to understand their code.

Learning LISP is the value for another reason â € "you will eventually get you to the depth of the experience of enlightenment. The experience of many of you actually use LISP itself is never, you're a better programmer for the rest of your days. (If you are editing modes for the Emacs text editor, or gimp for the script - by Fu Plugins Writing and editing experience is a good start and get some easy LISP.)Check out all five of the Python, in fact, best of, C / C + +, Java, Perl, and LISP. In addition to being the most important hacking languages, they can be programmed to indicate the many different approaches, and each is valuable ways you can educate.

Only a programmer, but you can also just wear a Hacker by the name of the skill level to reach or to remember that â € "If a language is independent of the programming problems in a general way, be aware that the need to think about. Hacker is true, you already know what we know of the manual of You can learn a new language in days by relating the point. This you should learn several very different languages.
There are full instructions on how to learn to program చెప్పలేకపోయినప్పటికీ I â € "it's a critical skill. But I can not tell you what books and courses â €" many, may be the best hackers are self taught. If you â € "the bits of knowledge â €" books, to learn the language features, but the country into the knowledge of the skills of the mind - set that can be learned by practice and apprenticeship. What it means (a) reading code and (b) writing code for them.
Google's top hackers and the AI ​​was the most widely used textbook of the co - author of one of the Who, Peter Norvig, called Teach Yourself Programming in Ten years ago wrote an excellent article. His "recipe for programming success" is worth careful attention.

Learning to write good natural language learning program that is. Read some stuff written by masters of the form is the best way to do this, do not you write a few more are read, a little more writing, more is read, to write some more ... See your writing in your sample of the type and strength of the economy begins to develop and build.With the source for fledgeling hackers to read and tinker with some of the larger programs are available, as the hardware used to read the code of good relationships. This changed dramatically; open-source software, programming tools, and operating systems (all built by hackers) are now widely available. This brings me to generate one of our next topic ...

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