3. Learn how to use the World Wide Web and write HTML.

Hacker culture, which produced the materials and how many non-hackers Live without any apparent impact of the implementation of factories and offices and universities to help, not to focus on their work. The web is a big exception, the political leaders of the world has changed, however, agreed that there is a large bright image Hacker. For this reason alone (and other good ones too) you need to learn more about web work.

This is just a browser (anyone that may be) learning how to drive, but the HTML, the Web's markup language, not learning how to write. If you program, writing HTML, you do not know how to help teach some of the mental habits. Therefore, build a home page. It is a cleaner language than classic HTML XHTML, try to adhere to. (The web is a good beginner tutorials have a.)
I have a home page that you are not anywhere near good enough to be a Hacker. Web home page is full. There are many means, zero - the content of sludge â € "about a very snazzy-sludge, mind you, but the mud (for more on this see the HTML Hell Page), all the same.To be worthwhile, your page must have content â € "it is interesting and / or be used with other hackers. And that brings us to the next topic ...

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