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If you are an internet addict, you will surely have a list of fake email addresses which you can use for registering on forums and other websites. It happens many times that we are asked to register in-order to access specific content. At such times, fake email addresses play an important role. So, to simplify this task, I am posting the Email Generator software which helps in generating free bulk email addresses. Thus, you can use this Email generator/creator software as bulk email address generator. I have provided link to download Email generator in the article below.
email address generator

Email Generator/Creator – Bulk Email address generator:

In order to use Email generator, follow the steps below:
1. Download Email Generator software to generator bulk email addresses.Password:

2. Run the downloaded Email creator software on your computer to see:
Email address generator

3. Now, uncheck “Random PWs” and enter the password you want to use for generated email addresses. Also, enter the number of email addresses you want to create in “How many” field.

4. Hit on “Create Mails” and Email generator software will start generating email addresses. After the specified emails are created, hit on Checkbox (highlighted in the image) and save the email list on your computer.

5. Now, go to NetAddress and enter the login information using the email list created in step 4. You will find yourself logged in to your email account as shown:
Email generator creator
Credit: This Email generator software is created by ToolsRulez. This is one of the best email address generator softwares on web.

That’s it. You can use Email Generator/creator software to create bulk email addresses. I have tried this free bulk email addresses generator and got no errors, worked perfect!!! If you encounter any problem in using Email Generator/creator software, please mention it in comments.
Enjoy Email generator software…

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