Facebook Hacker “SPAM KING” Hack 500,000 Accounts , Arrested Today By FBI.

Facebook Hacker got caught:
Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. A world famous hacker who likes to called himself spam king is arrested today in  Las Vegas accused of hacking 500,000 Facebook accounts.
Spam King Original Name is Sanford Wallace, who is actually a 43 year old man in Los Vegas is arrested today by the FBI in accused of hacking Facebook accounts.

He used the account of his friend id or any other id and post million of post including pictures and videos and share interesting things on Facebook and spread it in the Facebook. When a user click on it he is redirected to a page where he has to enter his login details including his password and username and some other info in order to post that thing on his wall.
He is a script writer and programmer and has made its own coded programs by which the program automatically open the hacked account and then post something unique spam material to all his friends walls on the Facebook.
He has been a notorious spam master in the history and it is not the first time that he is arrested by the FBI. In the past he is also accused of hacking accounts of MYSPACE and other social networking sites.
In 2008 he was taken in the court by Myspace and he was arrested and then he was released on the bail of $100,000 and then on Thursday this morning he is again arrested by the FBI in accused of hacking 500,000 Facebook accounts.
He is the only one spam hacker who has been arrested by GOD knows that how many are still left. So just be more secure in not to share or click the link of any person who you doesn’t know and try to avoid giving comments on posts.

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