How to do Video Chat From Facebook?

Facebook Video Chat:
Today the users of internet have moved to the Facebook , and many other Social networking sites. So as Other services like Yahoo , Skype allows you to do video chatting on the Internet . Now from Facebook you can also Video Chat with other friends. This is one of the most exciting application in Facebook called ”  We chat “.
To do this just login in your Facebook account.
Search for an Application ” we chat ” .

Click on that application and then click on allow that application

After that go to your homepage and then see on the down left side of your homepage where your other applications are listed.

Click on that application and select a friend which is online and click on it.

After that A chat box will be open below that will ask you to take permission from the other person of this application. press “” enter “.

When the other person click on that link and click on allow , you will see that person in your Active Chat list on the left side.

Click on your friend and enjoy Video Chatting On Facebook.

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