How To Save Your Blog From Hackers And Remove MYSQL Error.

Save Your Blog From Hackers:
With every minute that passes , somewhere in the world , some blog , website is hacked or defaced . Hackers are millions in number now a days , even a small PC geek claims himself to be a hacker as he knows some unique stuff. But at least with these some of the precautions you can keep your blog safe from these kind of script kiddies.

Measure 1:

Change Post Url:
Most of the blogs that are defaced or hacked are due to an MySQL error by which the hacker can easily deface your page or website.
Well Well Well the first precautionary measure that you have to take is to check the url of the post that you posted. Make sure your url of the post does not end with a id like in the picture given below. 
Your post url must be ended by something like this.

A Url with an id in the end has more chances to be infected by sql injection. There are readily tools available that hack any website for you and they work with a url that has an id in the end.
WordPress users can change this setting by logging into their admin panel and then look an option of Permalink in the settings tab . Click on Permalink Option and then change the setting of your post.


Measure 2:

Change Category Url:

Be sure to apply the above method with the category thing.


Measure 3:

Remove MYSQL vulnerability:

The third thing you have to do is to check that any of the url of your post is not vulnerable to sql injection. In order to check this you just have to put a small quote like this ( ‘ ) in the end of the post and hit enter like in the picture shown below.

If there comes an error like sql database error then it means that this website is 100% vulnerable and can be hacked easily.
So if such an error appears then it means you have not configured your MYSQL database properly. 

Measure 4:

Make your database private:

Another thing that you have to be aware of is that your database should not be publicly accessed by any intruder. You may be surprised to see that how it is possible but yes it is possible . Go try out these lines on google and you can have your result.
 intext:………………………………………………:MD5 encrypted key.
It is not fully mentioned here due to security reason but it can be shown in picture. so make sure that your database has no public link.


Measure 5:

Be aware of spyware:

Another measure you can take is to avoid logging into your blog at public places because i am not saying here that the person sitting next to you might see what you are typing but the computer may have some spyware program that can record your keystroke and these recorded keystrokes can be used for some other purposes.


Measure 6:

Keep updated blog:

Keep your blog update to latest version if you are using word press. WordPress new version always have some of the security measures then its previous versions. So keep your blog updated.


Measure 7:

Avoid installing scripts:

Don’t Install any other unnecessary scripts , html files and plugins any other website tools to your source code. Because these are some times harmful at least in this case if it comes from non trust able source.


Measure 8:

Change default username:

This is one of the most important measure that you have to take care of is to change your default WordPress username from admin to any other in the database and make your password a very secure one including symbols , digits and alphabets.

Measure 9:

Create a database backup:

The last thing that you have to make sure is to make a backup of your database once a week. So if somehow your website is hacked or some thing happens to your database then you still have the backup. In order to download the database you can view this post on How to Create a backup and download your MYSQL Database .
These are some of the measures that you can take to keep your blog healthy but remember i am not saying it that after all these things mentioned above , you can’t be hacked. This is a joke . Because you can be hacked anytime anywhere with just having an Turn On PC and internet.

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