Use Of Port Scanner for Hacking

Using Port Scanning for Hacking

One of the most popular and sometime necessary method is port scanning. It is one of the easiest way to to find out vulnerabilities in the system. But as you know more easier the method more are the risks.

Note:-Port scanning is illegal. All methods like telnet, ping dns query are legal but port scanning is not.

I know, u wanna ask me this question. The reason behind is that this method is only used for the hacking purposes. There is not any other use of it.

What actually Port scanner do?
Port Scanner find out open ports of the target computer.
List of some free Port Scanner's available for download.

What can we do with open ports?
We do everything, because this is the most valuable information of the target computer.
I explain you how :-
Suppose we find out "x" port open.
We search in google about x number port.
We find out that it is open because of trojan. Then we do not need to do anything extra for hacking. We use already installed trojan for our hacking work. We use server version of that trojan to get access on target computer.

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