Which is better google plus and facebook?


1. Google plus is showing potential with it already reaching 20 mil users which took facebook years to achieve .. Google plus syncs calender , gmail ,and etc .. It has no ads and better security .... But doesnt have the faceook games farmville etc

2. We all know google is seen as a major noise, monopolistic content delivery system built on "YOUR" data. what google does may not be circus like many, but can be Trick,Magic (Black or White)

3. Both have different ideals and seem to be attracting different audiences. everyone personally have always liked Google products, so being a member of a social network designed by them makes sense for me personally. people still have a Facebook account for friends who people like to keep in touch with, and because I've been a member since day one when it went public and that's what it originally was (not what it is today). I've always been more of someone who likes to be different, so I use different things (like the Zune instead of an iPod, Google+ more than Facebook, a BlackBerry phone instead of an Android phone or the iPhone, etc.). Google products typically attract those who like Google's current integration of its products; Facebook is starting to turn more into Myspace in all reality when you really look at how it's evolved since it became really popular. people say that one isn't better than the other...they have different features and seem to be aimed at different goals in the long run.

4. In terms of convenience, Google+ would be the ideal choice since people use a lot of Google products. For instance, logging into Gmail is just part of my daily routine. And Google+ is only a tab away on the dashboard. people also focused on online branding these days too so I feel what Google+ is offering might fit what I'm looking for.

5. Google+ will make some major noise soon. There's many cool features and if Facebook keeps changing things that work (ie Facebook groups), users will eventually migrate.
This is major competition for Facebook, and will only get better the more users that jump to it.
6. people think Google+ will do at least as well as Facebook, but you'll need to give it a few years. Facebook will remain a strong competitor though. If anything, Twitter is probably first to go. Google+ allows very Twitter-like networking (follow without friend), which Facebook will probably adopt sooner or later as well.

7. Comparing Facebook and the Google's much buzzed Google + is pretty difficult to do. There were comparisons all over the web, showing how Google's new social network is better than Facebook and how it's not. The guys @ The Tech Addicts has done it well, so let's get onto the info-graphic and compare the two big players.
In my view, Google + is still very young to compete in a full pace with Facebook, the actual tales will reveal only when it is available for the mass.
Now What do u say???  Comments are open

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