Apple Fires Employee over complaining about job on Facebook

Facebook has become the favorite time spending social website of many people, likewise it is for me. There are people who like adding everyone they come across to their list, while some like adding only the people who know them very well. Moreover I don’t like adding my office colleagues to my Facebook profile as it reduces our privacy.

But not every one does that, and this is the reason why one of the Apple employees had to suffer. It was a scene that happened few days ago, an Apple employee named Crisp, had posted some “not good” comments about Apple on his profile and this is why he had to suffer his job.
There was his friend in his list who was his colleague at the office, who showed the post to the manager (must be to score some points), that got Crisp fired the very next day. Although Crisp had made the post Private on Facebook but then he was fired for his misconduct.

Crisp had appealed about his concern but there has been no resolution so far. Being open and speaking your mind on public forums is not bad but still you have to take proper care about what are you speaking and who all people are able to read that.

For this reason, I would never add my office colleagues on my Facebook profile. I know sometimes it become difficult to react if they send us the friend request, but do you still like to add your office colleagues to your friend’s list? [via]

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