Ashampoo Undeleter v1.10-TE

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Te released latest version of ”Ashampoo Undeleter”. If you have deleted files that you need this application can help you get them back.

The Ashampoo Undeleter now recovers files that were deleted. When you documents have been moved to the Recycle Bin and you emptied it, you will not be able to find them again without additional software. Ashampoo Undeleter was developed especially for such a scenario and detects and then recovers your accidentally deleted files and directories. Although Windows does not display these files anymore; in most cases they are still present on the hard drive and are supposed to be overwritten by Windows sometime later. In the Ashampoo Undeleter you can also choose on which devices or partitions you would like to look for deleted files. The search is not only limited to the hard drives of your PC, but can also be carried out on external hard drives, USB flash drives, etc. In addition to the results list of the search with Ashampoo Undeleter, the condition of the detected files that is displayed, too. Deleted files can be in different conditions. With the help of the displayed state, a statement can be made about whether the whole or only parts of the deleted file can be recovered or whether it cannot be recovered at all.

Ashampoo Undeleter preview

Release name: Ashampoo.Undeleter.v1.10-TE
Size: 9.57 mb

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