Enable Old Classic Chat on Facebook for Firefox, Chrome and Opera

It took me a while to recognize that I am not the only one who hated the new chat in the Facebook. While the old default chat was easy and comfortable, this new one never worked for me. However it did fine for some of my buddies but not for everyone.

For me, the new chat feature in Facebook never showed the available buddies and neither did it for me. This means while I was using this new chat, I was never online and it also didn’t show my online buddies. It was a long time since I could chat on FB and also there was no way of going back to the old classic chat of Facebook.

Well if you use any of the following browsers (Firefox, Chrome or Opera), then you can enable the old classic chat of Facebook and start using it without any hassles. What you need to do is just download and install an add-on/extension for these browsers that can disable this new chat and enable the old chat of Facebook.

The extension is called “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler” and is available for free to download on any of these browsers. Going back to the old chat will not affect any of your chat functionality as you can still chat, make a video call the same way as in the new chat.

Moreover the extension is safe to use (I have also started using the same), doesn’t auto like some page and doesn’t need any restart of the browser. So simple isn’t it? Give it a try.

Download Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler for Firefox
Download Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler for Chrome
Download Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler for Opera

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