VMware Workstation v8.0.1.528992 Incl Keymaker-ZWT & Linux

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VMware Workstation Incl Keymaker Something weird happen with this release, first CORE made the PRE and after checking dozen of sites + many trackers, and few public sites there was now way to find this. On every site it’s 99%. But I’ll put ZWT version which was pre’d few min later and nuked for dupe. If I get my hands on CORE release I will put that too.
[NUKE] – VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.Incl.Keymaker-CORE [grp.req LocalNet]
So now this is ZWT group release :)
Update: VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.Incl.Keymaker.Repack-CORE
Ok CORE, you said sorry. But it’s so lame to nuke it under grp.req and later do a repack. Y U NO realize his time ZWT is the true winner?

[UNNUKE] – VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.528992.Incl.Keymaker-ZWT [fine_not.dupe_released.before.CORE.repack ZoNeNET Nuked for: dupe.CORE.2011-11-18]
[MODNUKE] – VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.Incl.Keymaker-CORE [grp.req ZoNeNET Previous reason: grp.req_get.repack]

Description: VMware Workstation is a powerful virtual machine software for system administrators and developers who want to revolutionize software development, deployment and testing in their enterprise. Shipping for more than five years and winner of over a dozen major product awards, VMware Workstation enables software developers to develop and test the most complex networked server-class applications running on Microsoft Windows, Linux or NetWare all on a single desktop. Essential features such as virtual networking, live snapshots, drag and drop and shared folders, and PXE support make VMware Workstation the most powerful and indispensable tool for enterprise IT developers and system administrators.

With Workstation 8 you can:
  • Remotely connect to virtual machines running on VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and VMware vCenter anywhere on your network
  • Simply drag and drop when you are ready to move your virtual machines to VMware vSphere
  • Run as a server and your virtual machines will continue to run long after you log off. Start sharing virtual machines with your team, department, or anyone in your organization.
  • First to support HD audio with 7.1 surround sound, USB 3, and Bluetooth devices in in a virtual machine.
  • Significant improvements to virtual SMP and 3D graphics performance and support for 64GB RAM allows you to run the most demanding applications in a virtual machine.
  • Completely revamped and streamlined user interface with simplified menus, updated toolbar, folder views, live thumbnail bar and a new virtual machine library.
  • New virtual machine library makes it easy to search for the virtual machines that you need, whether they are local or remote.
Release names:
VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.528992.Incl.Keymaker-ZWT & VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.Incl.Keymaker.Repack-CORE & VMware.Workstation.v8.0.1.528992.Linux.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE & x64
Size: 455 MB
Download ZWT: FilesonicFileserve
Download core.repack: FilesonicFileserve
Download linux:x86 FilesonicFileserve
Download linux:x64 FilesonicFileserve

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