Stabilize Shaky Videos with Youtube

Recently I was required to record videos for an event but since I didn’t have a tripod at that time I ended up with a video having hand shake/camera shake which obviously don’t look good when you watch them later.
But the event was over and I had no choice to record it again, so what I had was the non-stabilized video of the event which I had to stabilize anyhow. There are many tools to do so but none of them is free and have one or the other restrictions with it.

So if you also have to remove camera/hand shake from your videos then you can also use the free feature in the Youtube and stabilize them. To be able to remove shake you just need to upload your video (you can also have your already uploaded videos stabilized), click the edit button to see all the editing options and just click on the Stabilize button.

The video will start stabilizing however the process shall take some time depending on your video length and format. You can now share the video with your buddies or have it downloaded on your system back.

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