1. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.

Lots of fun to be a Hacker, but it is not our attempt to take up that kind of fun. It takes effort, motivation. Successful athletes pushing themselves past their own physical limitations, the physical delight in making their bodies perform their motivation from a kind of attention. Similarly, you, your skills in solving problems, sharpening, and to exercise your intelligence to get a basic thrill to be a Hacker.

If you type the person is not naturally hayiga this way, one has to make to you as a Hacker. If your hacking energy for sex, money, and has been sapped by the vision to see, such as social acceptance.
(If you have developed your own learning capacity, a kind of faith â € "just a piece of it to overtake you, if you have a problem and need to be aware of all know what a belief that in May, however, until you're done, â €" the next piece to solve problems, etc. 'll learn enough.)

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