Download Facebook Official Messenger [Android and IOS]

Earlier,You have to rely on third party applications but now Facebook has launched its official messenger for Android and IOS operating systems.It is very similar to Blackberry Messenger.It is a free application and can be downloaded from Android Market or App Store.Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with your friends as well access the messages.

You can also see facebook  notifications (or even pause them so that you cant get disturbed while chatting),Do group messaging,share your location with messages,attach Photos and much more.Facebook messenger also allows you to send messages to those friends who are not in facebook but are in your phone contact list.They will receive your message via SMS from some random number thus it also act as a free SMS application for phone.

Download Facebook Official Messenger [Android and IOS]

How to share Location Using Facebook Messenger?
 You can share your location by click on the blue arrow in the text box of the application.It will automatically tag your location while sending message.

Facebook is also expected to launch Video chat application as they have already launched Video calling feature for desktop users.
Download Facebook Messenger for Android
Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

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