Free Hotfile, Megaupload, Fileserve Premium Link Generator/Cookies

We talked about Megaupload Premium Link Generator in my previous article. Today, I am back with another premium link generator which can generate premium links for Hotfile, Megaupload, Fileserve and even Rapidshare. Sounds great right??? I found this Hotfile, Megaupload premium link generator on web and now, sharing it with all learnhackings readers.
Rapidshare hotfile megaupload premium link generator

Free Hotfile, Megaupload premium link generator:

This software will generate premium links for:
- Rapidshare
- Megaupload
- Hotfile
- Fileserve
Tom has coded this software and we are really thankful to him for this service which he is offering for free. Seems like he has purchased premium accounts for all these file hosts and he is sharing the premium cookies with us. There are certain pre-requisites for this premium link generator to work:
1. Firefox with Add N Edit Cookie addon installed.
2. Java Runtime Environment. Get it here.

How to use Hotfile, Megaupload Premium Cookie Generator:

1. Download Hotfile, Megaupload Premium cookie generator.

 2. Run the downloaded file on your computer. You will be asked to register yourself. Go ahead with registration.

3. Run the software again and you will get a prompt like this:
Megaupload premium link generator
4. Hit on Get Code. You will get the code in your browser. Copy-paste it in prompt and hit on “Sign In” to see the actual interface. Wait for sometime so that the software loads all the premium accounts in its database.
Fileserve premium link generator
Select your required file host say Hotfile from the drop down box and hit on “Generate Cookie”.
Premium hotfile cookie generator link
You will get the Hotfile premium cookie in the Cookie box.

5. Now, open Firefox and inject this cookie in your browser. You can use Add n Edit Cookies addon to make this easy.
I have posted the article How to use Hotfile Premium cookies. Check it out. Thanks to Jad for his feedback via comments.
Hotfile premium link generator cookie
6. Go to and you will find yourself logged in as Premium hotfile user. Thus, you can now download files from hotfile without any restrictions, thanks to this hotfile, megaupload premium link generator.
Credit: This premium cookie generator is created by Pro-xy. Man, you’ve rocked!!!

Update: If you are getting any error like “MSVCR71.dll is missing”, download and register MSVCR71.dll file on your computer.

So friends, enjoy this free Hotfile, Megaupload and Fileserve premium link generator application. I have tested it for several days and has worked perfect for me.
Got problems in using Hotfile, Megaupload, Fileserve premium link generator??? Please mention it in comments. I will help you out.

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