How to use Hotfile premium cookies 2011

In my earlier article Hotfile Premium Cookies 2011, we talked about the application useful for generating Hotfile premium cookies. Some of the readers weren’t able to use those Hotfile premium cookies 2011 as they didn’t know the way to inject Hotfile premium cookies in their browser. So, I am posting this article to help them in injecting such premium account cookies.

How to inject Hotfile premium cookies 2011:

For injecting cookies, you should have Firefox browser with Add N Edit Cookies addon installed.
1. Refer my article Hotfile, Rapidshare Cookie Generator to generate the Hotfile premium cookies.

2. In Firefox, go to Tools -> Cookie Editor to see a popup box. Hit on “Add” to see a box like this:
Hotfile rapidshare premium account cookies 2011
3. In this box, enter information as below:
Name: auth
Content: Enter the cookie generated in Step 1.
Path: /
Send For: Select “Any type of Connection”.
Hit on Save to inject your Hotfile premium cookie.

4. Now, go to and you will find yourself logged in as a Premium user.

Other cookies:

I have illustrated the method for Hotfile premium account. You can also use the same procedure for gaining Rapidshare, Megaupload, Fileserve and Filesonic premium accounts. Use the information below to enter the respective cookie information:
Rapidshare cookies:
Name: enc
Content: (Your generated cookie)
Path: /
Fileserve cookies:
Name: cookie
Content: (Your generated cookie)
Path: /
Filesonic cookies:
Content: (Your generated cookie)
Path: /
Megaupload cookies:
Name: user
Content: (Your Generated Cookie)
Path: /
So friends, this was a short tutorial on how to use Hotfile premium cookies 2011. I have added all premium account cookies information in this article. I hope you will find this article on hotfile premium cookies 2011 useful. Refer my previous article to generate cookies and you will be able to enjoy free premium account benefits.
Got any problem in using Hotfile premium cookie 2011??? Please mention it in comments. I will help you out.
Enjoy Hotfile, rapidshare premium cookies 2011…

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