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I received great feedbacks for my article Hotfile, Megaupload Premium Link Generator. So, I decided to go ahead and post more on such Megaupload Premium link generator hacks. I was just wandering on web and stumbled around one free Megaupload Premium link generator hack. I was surprised that in spite of being an intense internet addict, I was not knowing about this Megaupload premium link generator. So, I decided to share it with you guys in this article. I guess some of you might be knowing it, but there may be many netizens like me and this article is intended to inform them about free Megaupload premium link generator.
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Free Megaupload Premium Link generator:

Usually, the restrictions imposed by Megaupload for free users are:
1. Wait times
2. Limit on Maximum File size and
3. Slow download speeds.

This Megaupload Premium link generator hack will help you to bypass all the above restrictions.
1. Download MegaKey software.

2. Close your browser. Install the downloaded software on your computer.

3. Right click on taskbar icon of Megakey and hit on “Megakey Benefits”.

Select options as in image below:
Free Megaupload Premium Link generator
4. Now, navigate to the your Megaupload link and you will find Premium button as shown:
Megaupload Premium Link Generator sites
5. Thus, Megaupload premium link generator has done it’s job. Hit on Premium button to get your premium file link.

Note: This Megaupload Premium link generator hack works for 2 hours per day from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM GMT. If you want to know time at your place, use this GMT Time locator link. Thanks to Hasib and Krishna for their feedbacks. I had almost missed this point.
So friends, this was a short tutorial on free megaupload premium link generator. I guess will you find this software useful. If you face any problem while using Megaupload premium link generator, please mention it in comments. Your views are awaited.
Enjoy free Megaupload Premium link generator…

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