How to Bypass Avira antivirus: New UD Crypter

Well, it has been some time since I posted a crypter on learnhackings. No doubt, Crypter is one of the most important tools needed for a hacker. Avira antivirus is a major headache for all of us as most of keyloggers and stealers are detected by Avira. It is very difficult to bypass Avira antivirus. So, I am posting a UD crypter which will help you to bypass Avira antivirus on victim computer.
UD Crypter

UD Crypter to bypass antivirus:

I will demonstrate how to use this UD Crypter for Cybergate server.
1. First of all, create a Cybergate server. You can refer my article Cybergate Tutorial for help on creating a server.
2. Download UD Crypter to bypass victim antivirus.

Encrypted Password:
Encryption Order: Atom 128 – Gila 7 – Tripo 5
The above password is encrypted. You have to decrypt the encrypted string to get the actual password. You can refer my article on How to decrypt password for help on password decryption.

2. Run the downloaded file on your computer.
UD Crypter to bypass Avira

3. Hit on first button and select the Cybergate server from Step 1.

4. Hit on “Generate” for few times to generate a random string. You can tick the checkboxes as you like.

5. Finally, hit on Crypt. Select the location where you want to save the crypted file and hit on Save. Crypter will create a file on desired location which is currently 2/10.
Virus scan before Crypting:
UD Crypter virus scan before crypting

Virus scan after Crypting:
Virus scan after crypting

Thus, the crypted server file bypasses Avira antivirus. Bind this file to any .exe file using Binder and send this binded file to your victim to hack his computer remotely. Refer articles in Undetection Techniques section to make in more UD.

That’s it friends. This was a short tutorial on how to use UD Crypter to bypass Avira antivirus on victim computer. Since, this UD crypter is public, it will be detected by most antiviruses soon. So, be quick in using it. If you have any problem in using this UD crypter, please mention it in comments.
Enjoy UD Crypter to bypass antivirus…

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