Cryptography: How password Encryption and Decryption is done

Well, I will be posting some FUD keyloggers and FUD Crypter on learnhackings. To prevent these FUD softwares from being detected by antiviruses, it is necessary to ensure that no careless noob gets access to such FUD softwares. And to ensure this, henceforth, I will password protect such FUD keyloggers and crypters. You will be given encrypted password and not the real password. You have to decrypt the password hash to unlock the FUD software.
So, I am writing this article on Cryptography to help you in decrypting the encrypted password string.
How to decrypt password

How to encrypt password???

Say, I want to encrypt the string:
And the Encryption order is: Base 64-Reverse-String to Hex
a. So, to start with encryption, go to:
and enter our password: in the text box. Hit on “Encrypt” to get the encrypted Base 64 password.

b. Now, next we have to Reverse the string obtained from step a. So, go to:
and enter the string from step a in the text box and hit on Reverse. Copy the string from second box.

c. Next is to encrypt with Hex. Go to:
and enter the string copied in step b. Hit on Convert to get:
So, this is our final encrypted password.
Note: and String-functions are one of the best sites used for encryption and decryption. Their combination includes almost all types of encrypting methods.

How to decrypt encrypted password???

So, we are given the above encrypted password and need to get the actual real password.
The encrypted password we need to decrypt is:
Since Encryption order is: Base 64-Reverse-String to Hex
while decrypting, we need to follow exact opposite order.
So, Decryption order becomes: Hex to String-Reverse-Base 64

A. We have to convert Hex to String. Go to:
and enter the encrypted password. Hit on Convert and copy the resultant string.

B. Now, to reverse this string, go to:
and reverse it. Copy the reversed string.

C. To decrypt using Base 64, go to:
Enter the string copied in step B and hit on Decrypt. Thus, now, you get your final password:

Thus, you have successfully decrypted your password.
So friends, this is all about how password encryption and decryption is done via Cryptography. I have just demonstrated it by illustrating one example. If you find any problem in this tutorial on how to encrypt and decrypt password, please mention it in comments.
Enjoy Cryptography to encrypt and decrypt passwords…

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