Disable or Hide Facebook Side News Ticker

It has been some days since we are seeing some changes on the Facebook and among them was the side news ticker that constantly updates real time and shows you the latest updates and activities of your friends.

Well in case if I am not the only person to hate this feature, then here is something that will allow you to disable or hide it completely from your profile. We know Facebook is going under customizations and soon we will be seeing the Facebook timeline feature but if you really want to hide the side ticker, then just follow the process below.

For Google Chrome users:
If you access the Facebook on Google Chrome browser, then disabling this ticker is very easy as you just need to install an extension designed specifically for this purpose. So just visit this link and install the chrome extension in your browser.

For Firefox users:
If you use Facebook on your Firefox browser, then before installing any add-on you need to install the Greasemonkey script on your browser and then install this script which will turn off this side ticker bar from your facebook profile.

Both these ways work good for many users but it may happen sometimes that the ticker is still displayed, then in this case all you need to do is just a simple refresh of the page, and the ticker will be hidden.

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