How To Get Back The Old Facebook Profile

Today when I logged into my Facebook account, I was dumbstruck for a few moments when I saw 250×300 sized images on my wall and some scrolling widget across the left of screen. It took me a moment to realize that facebook had updated the profile once again!

The New Facebook Updates are as follows:
  1. Shows you Top Stories since your last visit.
  2. Shows a Ticker in the Top Left of facebook screen.
  3. If you own a facebook page (Sure I do and its here) you will see how your friends have interacted with it.
  4. Facebook shows your Profile Pic & Name on the Navigation Menu (Facebook Top Bar) and has also stripped down most unwanted menus & Options from there.
  5. More as I discover..
Now lets come to the point of this post.

How to Disable New Facebook Profile & Get Back The Old Facebook Profile.
I am sure there might be many hidden methods, But as for now I have discovered only 1 method that works 100%.

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Trick To Disable Facebook News Ticker
Step 1. Install GreaseMonkey Addon for Firefox OR Chrome has built in support.
Step 2. Install this GreaseMonkey Script and Refresh the Facebook Homepage.
Step 3. No Step 3. Just Enjoy! :D

(Does not work After Facebook Updated all Languages – Stay Subscribed to get to know about new methods That I will update here)
  1. Open your Facebook Account and Click on the Downward Arrow beside Home button. Select Account Settings.
    Step 1
    Step 1 Click The Image to View Full Size
  2. Click Edit beside the Language.
    Step 2
    Step 2 Click The Image to View Full Size
  3. Change it from English US (or whatever you have set) & Change it to any other language other than English US, Most preferred one is English UK since it will mostly resemble and you wont have an language barriers.
    Step 3
    Step 3 Click The Image to View Full Size
  4. Click Save Settings.
  5. Refresh the home page and enjoy the Old Facebook Profile.
I don’t know for how long this might work, But for now it works fantastic and is worth a Try.
As I said earlier I might update the post as I find new working methods to get back old facebook profile so stay tuned stay subscribed. If you are a Social networking addict then Subscribe to our Social Networks Facebook Page | Twitter
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