Breaking news: Mathieulh decrypts LV0 at FW 3.73

Holly shit, what a surprise! It’s not the awaited CFW 3.56+, but it’s a big step in this direction… Believe it or not, Math’ is a trustable guy who don’t need to proove that he’s a mad genius… Stay connected on ;-)

“Hate him or love him, Mathieulh still has got skill. He just posted on his Twitter the following picture:

Yep you may have to check the picture a few times. Mathieulh has managed and showed us he is still capable and released a proof of concept proving that he has decrypted LV0 @ FW 3.73. This of course means CFW up to the latest PS3 firmware!

HOWEVER, he has went ahead and said the following:

By the way, I won’t be posting keys, I won’t be posting dumps and I won’t be saying how it was done, time to work gentlemen.

With the leak last week of the Metldr exploit, he went out and said he would not be releasing anything to the scene again. What is important to take away from this is that Mathieulh has showed us it IS possible, it is not FAR away, and all we need is someone able to get to it.”

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