Dongle Playing v3.60+ Games on Official Firmware 3.55

It’s now official, confirmed by an admin’ of  : Jailbreak Dongle 2 by team KADO can run PS3 3.6+ games ! Here’s a quote from original article, but before here’s my personal mind about this news : Yes i think i can be dangerous. It’s a very strange surprise that an anonymous group release a fucking awaited exploit for the PS3.

The big problem is : this dongle need to have burned backup on BD disc, and i think it will hardly use your ps3 layer…

Anyway, just wait other group to take a look at the “cracking” method of this dongle to add it in current CFW 3.55 with HDD capability Dongle Playing v3.60+ Games on Official Firmware 3.55

“Very Strange thing and out of the blue and with no big fanfare, this JB 2 rumor been going around like wildfire on various forums, but now I have personally confirmed it with one of my trusted sponsors, and will I have more information next week with detailed pictures and info on actual features, plus an sample soon afterwards to be reviewed by one of our trusted Crunching Developers!”

“You might not believe your eyes or ears yet, but it is real and currently selling only locally in small shops in Indonesia, but it true the JB2 dongle works only on original v3.55 firmware, but it allows you to play games like Fifa 12 which have v3.60+ keys on ‘pirated Blu-Ray discs’ (burned media), but not from the HDD, unless it is older game, all the way up to the latest v3.73 games!

The biggest ‘news break’ of year in this crazy PS3 ’scene’, and JB2 (Jailbreak 2) is infact real and needed by all PS3 owners!

I have officially eaten my own words from yesterday!

In the meantime enjoy this REAL video of it, and our thanks to the ‘an0nymous’ person that produced the video: Click here for the video.

NEWS UPDATE: – More details have just come into our Exclusive News Crunching desk!

#1: Retail Price of the JB2 dongle will be around $45
#2: A lot more newer PS3 game titles then originally isted below are now working, and have been confirmed by one of our trusted sponsors.
#3: You be able to burn the special game discs yourself, that are used by the JB2 design, and details on how & why will be coming by next week.

Here is the ‘original’ email I got yesterday that started the JB2 rumors which turned out to be true and real, welcome to the year 2 of the PS3 ’scene’ ”:

Hello Gary,
i have this news / info or i don't know what to call it because i'm also confused right now. I can't find this news on any ps3 site out there (Ps3Hax, Crunch etc)

i live in indonesia, and here in my country, there is a hot rumor about new dongle called JB2 and can play 3.60+ game burned to Blank BD...

It also still can play from HDD...

It require us still on 3.55 (not cfw), use the dongle (without power eject), and it will boot the ps3, then you can insert the copied / pirated bd disc. It already being sold and my friend also the sellers already confirmed it can play FIfa 12 and PES 12 and more game coming soon

i attached all the pics

curent game :
- PES 2012
- FIFA 2012
- Driver San francisco
- God of War Origins
- X-Men Destiny
- Sniper Ghost Warrior

- Resistance 3
- Disgaea 4
- Batman Arkham City

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