Facebook Socialbot targets Facebook Users

It won’t be wrong to say that Facebook has become the lifeline of users globally. With the emerging trend of social networking sites, it is that one place that is liked by everyone. I also enjoy spending my time on Facebook but at the same time technology wants us to be alert enough to protect ourselves and our data online.

Recently there has been a global widespread of the so called Facebook Socialbot. As the name suggests, Socialbot is an automatic computer written program designed especially to steal our personal data online and mostly from the social networking websites like Facebook.
Around 100 bots were released online in to the Facebook network designed to send friend requests to users globally and as a matter of fact, around 8,500 friend requests were sent in a short while which were approved by over 3,000 users thereby extending their network to around 1.1 million users across the globe.

So the chances are if you are a person who like adding every individual to your network to increase your friends count, then it might have already come to you. Also be aware that if any friend request comes to you of a hot looking girl, then you are definitely being fooled.

As the stats go, already 250GB of personal data of the facebook users have been stolen by the bots including more than 40,000 email addresses and around 11,000 phone numbers. This would definitely increase the amount of spam emails you are receiving and the phone calls too.

We just can’t rely completely on the Facebook’s security and thus should be alert enough to detect the malicious friend request received by us. Just think of the fact that, why would any “hot” girl send you a friend request?:)

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