Track your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other Profiles

Social web services like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are very famous these days and almost every internet user must have used these. We keep on updating our facebook or twitter profiles so much that if some day we need to find any update of us or track our activity then it becomes very difficult.

Here is a free web service that tracks most of your social profiles easily. Right from your usage, profile updates, wall updates to friends added/removed, user comments or likes etc. You can track all of them for free and that too for twitter, facebook, YouTube,, Google Analytics, Myspace and more.

The service is called Twenty Feet where you can create 2 free profiles of you and monitor all the usage. It aggregates the data at one place for you to view but the important thing is it don’t bother you unless there is something that you need to see.

Free users can create 2 free profiles whereas if you need to monitor more profiles then you can buy the service for a low charge. For more info, do visit the homepage.

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