Facebook Login Notifications: Additional Security Feature

I have come across many people who have lost their Facebook profile as someone has hacked their profiles. Although this is not easy but if you use some additional security features then it won’t be that simple as well.

Facebook had provided us with couple of security features using which we can ensure the authorized access only. One of such features was thehttps about which we had already written. Another security feature is called the Facebook Login Notifications, navigate to Accounts –>Account Settings –> Account Security to use this feature.

The Facebook Login Notifications feature ensures that only the person who is authorized can login to our facebook profile. This feature require us to enter a text code that is being sent to us on our cell phone or at the email, when someone try to login from an unrecognized computer. You can get your computer recognized so that it works in a better way.

The feature requires that you have already updated your phone number and the email ID failing which this service wouldn’t be of much help. The other side of the feature is that if you are logging from some other system then you got to have your mobile phone with you. So we advise you to use this feature only if you are suspecting any of your friends to hack your account.

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