Facebook to launch something “Awesome” soon

With the announcement of Google’s Plus (social networking site) that competes with none other than Facebook and Twitter, Google is making some news and taking away the users from Facebook. Everyone knows what happened to Orkut after Facebook was launched, could this happen to Facebook too?

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, told reporters in their Seattle office that the company is planning to launch “something awesome next week”. While this is unclear of what the term “awesome” refers to but people have started guessing that something great is going to come in the field of mobiles or tablet world.
We have also started guessing what it could be like some FB video chat feature right inside the browser or some other feature that Google is still missing in their Google Plus. Well we have no other option than to wait and watch if it interests the public and prevent the FB users from moving to Google Plus.

By the way what are you guessing the Awesome feature to be?

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